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Back to the 40s and 50s with Miss Red Lips

At the retro boutique Miss Red Lips, the clothes—and the music—come from the 40s and 50s. Read why Tunify was chosen to bring back tunes from times gone by.

Tunify-Miss Red Lips

Everyone who sets foot in the store travels to another time: the collections, the premises and the music all radiate the atmosphere of a special period in time. Tunify is proud to have played a part!

The owner of Miss Red Lips is Hilde Reinert. She had the idea for the store at her own wedding. Hilde: ‘I got married in the summer of 2018—in retro style—and asked all the guests to wear outfits with a retro touch too. But on the day itself, it was clear how happy everyone was wearing that sort of clothing: all the guests were dressed in theme from head to toe!’

Hilde noticed how much fun she found tracking down the right accessories and decorations for the wedding reception. That’s why, just a few months later and with encouragement from her husband, she decided to make her passion her profession. She quit her job, found the perfect commercial property and with that, Miss Red Lips was born.

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Tunify-Miss Red Lips
For all ages and all sizes

At the moment, Hilde focuses on retro clothing for women. And even within this niche, she knows exactly what she wants. ‘There are still different styles within the retro world,’ she explains. ‘But I only buy what I like. And those are the outfits from the 1940s and 50s. The collection is full of below-the-knee dresses, pencil skirts and cardigans. As well as accessories like headbands and hats.’

This range especially lures clients between the ages of 30 and 65. A broad public. And these clients come to shop for special occasions (such as dress-up parties) and to expand their day-to-day clothing choices with unique pieces. Hilde: ‘The clothes from this period also look wonderful if you have a fuller figure. And at my store you’ll find them up to size 54. This is why a lot of women looking for plus-size clothes like to come here.’

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Tunify-Miss Red Lips
Playlists and music channels

It goes without saying that the music in Miss Red Lips has to come from the same 40s and 50s period. But nowadays, that’s quite a niche. Luckily, Hilde came across Tunify online: ‘During the free test period, I discovered how enormously extensive the music range is. In Tunify Orange, I immediately found artists like Nina Simone, Doris Day and Wanda Jackson.’

‘I also discovered a wonderful function,’ Hilde continues. ‘Using the music button next to a song, you can click through to similar music. Doing this, I’m constantly finding new songs that fit in perfectly with the atmosphere in my store. In the meantime, I have put together 2 playlists that give me hours of my favourite music.’

As well as this, Hilde regularly switches to Tunify Blue—a few playlists don’t provide enough variation if you, like Hilde, are open 6 days a week. Hilde: ‘I asked Tunify for a few suggestions of musical agendas or channels that would fit in nicely with my store. One of these tips became my fixed mood channel: Pop Corn. You find it in Tunify Blue via ‘Create atmosphere’ and then ‘Trend Gallery’.’

‘There’s also more recent music on that channel, but it’s easy for me to filter that out,’ says Hilde. The settings include a sliding scrolling bar with which you choose the years of the songs to be included. A function like this is perfect for a business like mine.’

Setting the mood for a relaxed chat

Music is an important part of the shopping experience in Miss Red Lips. And it pays off. Hilde: ‘I regularly get comments that the music we play is bang on target. The whole store radiates the right atmosphere. And, especially with older clients, the music calls up memories. That’s an excellent ice-breaker for a relaxed chat.’

Do you love retro and vintage? Make sure you take in the atmosphere and/or try on the outfits at Miss Red Lips!

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