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De Kookfabriek

Those in the Netherlands looking for an active and at the same time delicious and relaxing night out, should definitely visit De Kookfabriek.

The Kookfabriek organises cooking workshops for groups between 2 and 250 guests. You will prepare your own dinner under the supervision of a professional chef, with a choice of different themes like Asian, Mediterranean, Dutch or a 4-course menu by the recipe of famous chefs such as Julius Jaspers.

Marc Klok, one of the founders, explains how the concept originated years ago: “We started small in 1995 as caterers under the name Klok & Kruyt Catering. A year later, in the kitchen where we prepared snacks and buffets, we started organising cooking workshops as one of the first in the Netherlands. This was an instant success and thus quickly new locations followed. Currently, we are present in the largest cities in the Netherlands. In total, De Kookfabriek has almost 70 kitchen islands on a surface of approximately 4000m2."

The combination of their professional approach, unique locations, delicious (self made) food and a large capacity are the key elements in the formula for success, says Marc Klok. “The combination of ‘doing' and ‘enjoying’ by preparing and eating dinner together has been a proven concept for over 20 years now. And we bring the course with pleasure and passion for hospitality."

Just like in any traditional restaurant, music is important in De Kookfabriek. De Kookfabriek was referred to Tunify for background music. “Music is something important,” says Marc Klok. “After the cooking class and dinner, people regularly hit the dance floor with the music of Tunify.”

"Because Tunify is such a easy music system, you can always personalise the music the way you want. It’s simple."

Marc Klok, De Kookfabriek

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Tunify-De Kookfabriek

There are many different styles, genres and musical moods covered by De Kookfabriek. “That could be anything, really. There’s something for everyone. We always tell our clients: ‘We have all the music in the world!’” But Tunify is also used when there’s no workshop going on. “During the preparation and cleanup we listen to music with a more dynamic beat. It gives us some extra energy while working. From the cleaner to the branch managers: everyone has their own favourite playlists. Because it’s such a easy music system, you can always personalise the music the way you want. It’s simple."

Do you also fancy a cooking workshop with the appropriate professional and musical support? Then you should certainly visit www.kookfabriek.nl!

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