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Find the only and exclusive Duvel café in the world in Bruges

For four years now, you can find in the heart of the city of Bruges the Historium, a unique experience attraction that takes you back to the city of Bruges in the 15th century. The innovative and new concept excites all your senses with film, decors, special effects and even smell. In the subsequent Duvelorium - the only and exclusive Duvel café in the world! - it’s your sense of taste that gets stimulated. Tunify spoke with Laurent Cool, responible for Duvelorium, about delicious beers, the painter Jan van Eyck, their beautiful interior and of course music.

“Historium is a tourist attraction about Bruges in the Middle Ages,” explains Laurent. “You are escorted through the themed rooms by an audio guide. You will take a tour in the city in the golden age, with a painting by master painter Jan van Eyck as a common theme throughout your visit. Historium immerses you in the past, using film, decoration, special effects and virtual reality. It’s an attraction that caters to all senses, for example there are different scents used in each room, to create a sensual, invigorating experience,” says Laurent. “Duvelorium, located on the first floor, is the only Duvel themed bar in the world. We offer the several beers belonging to the brewery Duvel Moortgat: Duvel, Vedett, La Chouffe, Maredsous, Liefmans etc."

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Laurent explains to us how they became the only Duvel café in the world. “At the start of the project, we had several options on the table for our bar and terrace with a beautiful view on the Markt square. Duvel at that time was also looking for a unique location to put their beers in the spotlight somewhere outside the brewery. Because they came up with the best concept and the best ideas in design and execution, we have decided to work with them. We are now in fact the Duvel ambassador for the many (foreign) tourists that visit Bruges."

As part of the “experience attraction” Historium, it’s normal for Duvelorium to have a lot of attention for music. “To my own feeling, the music accounts for 60% to 70% of the experience in Duvelorium,” says Laurent. “We have a very unique interior, a bit different than what you get in a normal café. It’s important that we give people the feeling that they can sit with us at ease. When you’re sitting somewhere where the music is not right, you won’t stay long. Before we started to use Tunify, the atmosphere in our bar changed with every song, because the music was not selected carefully enough. However, there’s also music that puts people at ease and creates a nice and cosy feeling. When you play that kind of playlist with Tunify, you really notice how people remain seated longer and are less likely to leave."

 When you play that kind of playlist with Tunify, you really notice how people remain seated longer and are less likely to leave.

Laurent Cool, Duvelorium

Duvelorium chooses their music very deliberately. Laurent explains how they make these choices. “The playlists we use, depend on the weather outside. When the weather is nice and the terrace is open, we will play lounge beats to create a summer feeling. During the rest of the year, we use the jazz and blues agendas from Tunify Green: these agendas help to build a convivial atmosphere. During events, we ask our visitors what kind of music they would like to hear. Because you can choose music based on a certain situation or mood, Tunify is a really handy tool for this."

You’re always welcome at Duvelorium to enjoy a Belgian beer in a unique setting. Every month, they have an exclusive beer of the month on tap. This month's special is Moortgat 145, a new concept of Duvel using the noble Duvel hops, the La Chouffe yeast and wheat malt from Brouwerij t’IJ from Amsterdam. If you have a bit more time to spend, you can combine it with a visit to the Historium. For the real Duvel or beer fans, there’s a collection of original and exclusive souvenirs available at the Duvelorium Gift Shop.

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