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Het Atelier: gym, sauna and bar in one

At Het Atelier in Sint-Niklaas, you work out and relax to the beat of Tunify. The friendly gym and fitness centre also has a sauna and a bar.

Het Atelier has deep roots in the Waasland region. The business was set up by Ann 20 years ago. She taught group lessons there and expanded the collection of workout machines step by step. While she began with 7 spinning bikes, there are now at least 50, each of them able to measure how much power a member had pedalled up. And by installing a sauna and plunge pool, Ann offered members another exhilarating way to refresh and energise themselves.

Today, Ann only gives a few lessons each week. She handed the business over to Maarten Mareels 2 years ago. ‘He has cleverly built on the work that was already done,’ explains Pia. ‘With one addition: as a personal trainer, Maarten is more gym-oriented. The range of personal coaching possibilities has been expanded and professionalised. It’s become an extra strength.’

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Family fitness

The fitness club is the focal point at Het Atelier. There are 800 members on the books, and Pia knows the most active of them by first name. ‘This is also a part of what makes us attractive,’ says Pia. ‘Members come to exercise in a friendly, family atmosphere. Afterwards, they can relax in the sauna or rest in the outside gardens.’

Something else that contributes to this family atmosphere is the bar. After a yoga or power-training session, you’re welcome to stay for a drink and a chat. ‘If you ask me, we are one of very few fitness centres that have such a fully fledged bar,’ says Pia.

Everyone immediately fell in love when we made the switch to the Tunify player. Our music has become much better and more varied since then.

Pia Wymeersch - Het Atelier
A double Tunify subscription

Het Atelier has 2 Tunify subscriptions. In the sauna, the music agenda is ‘Wellness Center’ from Tunify Green. You’ll find that in the ‘Body & Mind’ category. The business opted for 2 subscriptions because the upbeat music from the gym wasn’t exactly suitable for the relaxing sauna complex.

In the sport centre and the bar, Het Atelier uses Tunify Orange. And Pia is clearly a fan: ‘There are often job-students behind the bar and I happily leave the music to them. They’re very quick to work with the app and don’t really need rules. They understand that a beat is what’s needed when you’re exercising. And they adapt the music appropriately. If there are predominantly seniors in the gym, you’ll mostly hear hits from the 70s.’

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Playlists and parties

With Tunify Orange, the team at Het Atelier also makes playlists, both for the gym and for events, such as the annual new-year’s party. And these lists hit the spot according to Pia: ‘Clients are sure to tell us if they like a playlist. We don’t get complaints, rather the opposite. We turn the music down a little for yoga sessions so it won’t disturb the peace. When other visitors come along, they are very quick to ask whether the music can be turned up.’

Pia says music also plays a role in making the work environment such a pleasure: ‘Everyone immediately fell in love when we made the switch to the Tunify player. Our music has become much better and more varied since then.’

Do you live near Sint-Niklaas, but haven’t yet signed up to become a member at Het Atelier? Drop by for an obligation-free tour or find out all there is to know at www.het-atelier.be.

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