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Personal interior design in a pleasant atmosphere

Almost 25 years ago, Rijnie Nijhoff starts her own business in interior advice. Today, you no longer find Interhoff in…

Almost 25 years ago, Rijnie Nijhoff starts her own business in interior advice. Today, you no longer find Interhoff in the attic of her home. The Dutch company has grown into a furniture store and design studio that is housed in an iconic, renovated building. Maarten Nijhoff, responsible for the branding of the company, tells the story of Interhoff.

Interhoff is a design studio first. It develops and installs interior designs from start to finish. You can also buy individual pieces of furniture in the beautiful showroom. Rijnie was one of the first female entrepreneurs in the somewhat traditional world of home and living. Today, her vision still leaves a mark on all the interiors that are designed.

The family business focuses on the high-end segment of the market. Maarten works side-by-side with his mother, his father and 3 interior designers. That core team receives help from external partners and freelancers such as field staff, upholsterers and additional designers.

100% at home

Interhoff is happy to be a bit of an outsider, Maarten explains: “Many of our customers first visit the large furniture stores. Strangely enough, that is where you often end up with the same default choices. Our showroom isn’t exactly small, but what sets it apart is that we show you all kinds of things you can do with our products.”

“We base every design on long talks with our clients. That is the only way to ensure they feel 100% at home in their new interior. We do keep an eye on world-wide trends, and we do listen to our suppliers, but we do not follow such advice blindly.”

“Actually, we define our own trends several times a year. Together with a stylist, we come up with new set-ups and decoration for the showroom. An interior design is always a successful marriage between the vision of our designers and the personal taste of the customer.”

Iconic headquarters in Maarssen

One year ago, Interhoff moved to a new building, a former ironware store measuring 11 by 50 metres. The dark, worn-down building received a full make-over. The entire space was opened up, the industrial floor was restored to its former glory, and plenty of daylight is now pouring in.

“The building was officially opened by our former mayor”, Maarten says. “He called the central open space of 5 metres high our ‘village square’. I really liked that phrasing, because it is exactly in that middle part where all conversations and meetings take place.”

Music’s quiet presence

It is also in the central space where you will hear Tunify’s music best. Maarten: “We simply connected a tablet to our amplifier, and that was it. For a while, we wondered whether we should make sure the music was equally audible in every corner of the building, but we deliberately chose not to. This way, there is more peace and less distraction when you are looking at the interiors. Music is more present in the central part because we want to create a lively, pleasant atmosphere there.”

“I haven’t received a single complaint or compliment about the music in the showroom. And frankly, I prefer it that way. Customers do tell me how much they enjoy the vibe in the store. And that is how I know the music is doing its job in the background.”

"This solution offers everything we need, without giving me too many options that would lure me away from my core tasks”

Maarten Nijhoff - Interhoff

Well-founded approach

Maarten wasn’t happy with his former music supplier. That is why he decided to invite Tunify along when Interhoff moved to its new building. Maarten: “I did some research on music in retail environments and I came to the same conclusions as Tunify. The music agendas are a nice example. On Saturdays, people are more relaxed and they have more time than on weekdays. The Tunify music agendas respond to such circumstances.”

“After a free trial, Maarten went with Tunify Green. “This solution offers everything we need, without giving me too many options that would lure me away from my core tasks”, says Maarten. “Most of our music comes from the Hotel & Business segment. I would describe our music agendas as high-end with a twist. For example, we sometimes spice up a broad selection of slow jazz with a dash of bossa nova.”

“I am perfectly happy with the way things are now, without having to spend any time on the music in the showroom. Sometimes, I do indicate that a song is not a perfect fit for our store. That takes me one click, and Tunify is able to learn from that information. Perfect!”

Do you want to know more about the interiors Interhoff designs? Visit the website (in Dutch) or treat yourself to some jazz and bossa nova in Maarssen.

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