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Tunify at Lot66: the right music, even after closing time

Lot66 calls itself a ‘leisure centre’. It’s basically a more formal way of saying ‘fun, fun, fun’!

Tunify-Lot 66

You can go karting, bowling, play laser games and much more. And afterwards, you’re welcome at the barbecue or the stone grill. Place to be? Breda. Music player of choice? Tunify, of course. Time to take a closer look at all that fun ... 

The karting track at Lot66 has been there since 1997. When the company was taken over about 10 years ago, a bunch of other activities were introduced. We have already mentioned bowling, karting and laser games above, but you can add an escape room, a private cinema and a climbing wall to the list. That makes the business unique in 2 ways: it’s the only karting track in the area and it’s the only place where you can combine so many different activities.

Katinka Schoorlemmer, marketing communication manager, tells us what else makes Lot66 unique: ‘As well as having a broad range, we can adapt a lot of activities to the age of the participants. For example, we lower the maximum speed of the karts for children. And they usually play the more difficult laser games in teams. This keeps it fun and exciting for everyone.’

The majority of visitors to the leisure centre are between 20 and 35 years old. But they come in the most diverse groups. Lot66 is a popular location for family excursions, bachelor parties, staff parties, you name it. Most groups combine multiple activities, as a result of which they’ve soon spent half a day—or a whole day—at Lot66.

Katinka: ‘This is why we wanted to create a pleasant atmosphere throughout the day, even during breaks. The music on Tunify helps us do that. You hear it best in the restaurant, but just as well in the bowling hall or in the karting pits.’

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Tunify-Lot 66
A quick switch

‘It’s also very important for us to be able to quickly and easy change the music,’ continues Katinka. ‘Sometimes you only know what kind of visitors are coming when they’re standing in front of you. Then, we quickly choose one of the different atmospheres in Tunify Blue. A bachelor party group, for example, gets completely different music to a group of colleagues on a staff outing.’

‘That doesn’t mean that you hear pop one day and techno the next. We stay true to the general atmosphere of the business. Small adjustments are usually enough. And of course, we also have our favourite atmospheres. If you ask me, ‘Grand Café’ from Tunify Blue plays here most frequently. If we have doubts about what music is most suitable, that is our safe, trusty, go-to.’

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Tunify-Lot 66

The same music player makes our clients and our own staff members happy. Because you work a lot better at night when you have your favourite music playing, right?

Katinka Schoorlemmer, Marketing Communication Manager - Lot66, Breda
Nocturnal playlists

The music at Lot66 is not a hierarchical responsibility. There are plenty of staff members who are familiar with Tunify and allowed to set the player. Even—maybe particularly—after closing time: the restaurant staff are often cleaning up until late in the night. Then, the volume goes up and the choice of tracks becomes more personal.

‘At such times, we put on playlists we’ve made ourselves on Tunify,’ acknowledges Katinka. ‘The same music player makes our clients and our own staff members happy. Because you work a lot better at night when you have your favourite music playing, right?’

Would you like to be there during the small hours of the night? Apply for a job at Lot66. And if you’re interested in a good dose of karting or feel the need to break out of an escape room? Plan a full day of activities on the Lot66 website.

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