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Mar Le Beau and Tunify keep you young

Mar Le Beau is a cosmedic institute in Hasselt. Today, the general management of the family company is in the hands of Geert Dirkx. He tells us how Mar Le Beau evolved over the past 30 years and how Tunify made its entrance a year ago.

Tunify -Mar Le Beau

It was Geert’s parents who took over a small beauty salon in Hasselt at the end of the 1980s. About 10 years later, the business moved into the large office building of a notary, transforming it into a beauty spa. Customers came there for facial care and massages, as well as the saunas and the spa baths.

‘In the last few years, we began to focus on skin improvement therapies and rejuvenation,’ Geert explains. ‘Of course, our customers are still welcome to come for their massages or a manicure. Plus, for 30 years, my mother has been a pioneer in the art of applying permanent makeup. As customers come here from quite far away, there’s a good chance they make the journey specially for her expertise.’

Tunify - Mar le Beau

Natural aging

Mar Le Beau stands out in 2 ways. The total range is much broader than you’ll find at the most comparable companies. Furthermore, they specialise in skin treatments. For their success in this area, Mar Le Beau has collaborated with doctors.

‘We believe strongly in natural aging,’ Geert explains. ‘You can’t freeze time, but you can age naturally and beautifully. And we accompany customers throughout that story by sharing our extensive knowledge and providing advice. That’s also perfectly suited to the approach taken by many Belgian women. They are usually quite open to a lot of interventions and treatments, but the result can’t be too extreme.’

3 musical zones

In Mar Le Beau, music from Tunify Blue plays in 3 places. On the ground floor, you find Bar Beau, a bar with comfortable seating where makeup artists perfect your look. The music that plays there is also to be heard in the adjacent Beautique. Geert: ‘This is where I change the music the most. I usually begin with the ‘Chill Out Zone’ atmosphere, or with ‘Contemporary & Nostalgic’. Everything is possible as long as it gives people a good feeling.’

Upstairs, in the treatment rooms, Mar Le Beau is stricter about the style of music. The atmosphere ‘Relax’ from the ‘Chill Out Zone’ category is almost always played there. Last but not least, Geert has complete freedom in the office: ‘I play what I want to hear. From modern-day hits to a lot of jazz. And on Friday, the tempo and the volume are allowed to creep a little higher. Just like it does with most people, right?’ (Laughs)

Tunify - Mar le Beau3

No complaints (anymore)

The customers at Mar Le Beau don’t make any comments about the music being played in the business. And that’s good news, explains Geert: ‘In the past, we used Spotify. Besides the fact that you aren’t allowed to use it for business purposes, we always found Spotify had limitations in a business environment. If you wanted sufficient variation, you needed to continuously put new playlists together yourself.’

And this wasn’t the only issue. ‘We sometimes received feedback on the music,’ Geert continues. ‘Negative feedback unfortunately. And we needed to bend over backwards searching for something new, which wasn’t easy either. With Tunify Blue, we have a service that saves time and offers musical variation. It’s the exact combination I was looking for.’

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