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Nr4: large sizes, strong growth

Nr4 is a store with ladies’ fashion in sizes 44 to 54. Or more accurately, it’s a chain of 8…

Nr4 is a store with ladies’ fashion in sizes 44 to 54. Or more accurately, it’s a chain of 8 stores. Over the past few years, the company has been opening a new store every year. And since recently, Nr4 has had Tunify playing in each of them. ‘A nice step forward,’ says Stacy Demunter.

Nr4 made its debut in 2011. You’ll find the very first stores in Sint-Martens-Latem and Merksem. But recently, Nr4 has been swarming across the whole of Flanders, with franchises in cities like Lommel, Aalst, Roeselare, Brugge and Zottegem. Is this because Belgium was lacking ladies’ fashion in large sizes? Stacy Demunter is the manager of the store in Waregem and back-office administrator for the entire chain. She declares that the success of Nr4 is principally due to the collection.

‘Of course, you could find larger sizes in Belgium before Nr4 came, but that clothing often lacked any sense of radiance or personality. We put together stylish collections, featuring more exclusive brands. You’ll find affordable quality and famous, top-of-the-range names. We have Belgian brands including Xandres Gold, Amania Mo and Alliance. We also have 2 labels of our own: Très-Elle & Extra.’

Complete, matching outfits

A unique strength at Nr4 is the personalised advice. ‘Of course, you’re welcome to come and shop for yourself,’ explains Stacy. ‘But once they’re in the fitting rooms, we have noticed that most people like to get a second opinion. Plus, we can also suggest alternative or matching pieces. I would estimate that we give 8 in 10 visitors personal advice before they make a purchase.’

As a result of this approach, the clientele at Nr4 includes a lot of return visitors. And they find full outfits in the stores—everything from shoes to matching jewellery. Spring is a particularly busy period, because a lot of clients come shopping for communion and spring festivals. They only need to visit one store for a full outfit that matches perfectly.

In terms of both price and style, the range is targeted at all women who wear size 44 or larger. ‘The average age of our clients varies from location to location,’ says Stacy. ‘Typically, most are between 35 and 60 years old. This year, we want to reach more young women. I myself am only 30 and a few of my colleagues are in their twenties. We are convinced that other people in their twenties and thirties, just like us, will find clothes here that suit their tastes.’

Away with the radio

Last year, as a back-office administrator, Stacy tackled the music choice in the stores. ‘That was one of the first assignments I was given. “Do something about the music. Take a look at Tunify.” At that time, we had the radio on in all the stores. It bothered me endlessly, hearing those bustling advertisements and depressing news reports. Plus, every store seemed to be tuned to a different station.’

Stacy chose Tunify Green. This means the employees at the stores just need to choose a music agenda and they then have varied music to listen to, adapted to the time of the day and the day of the week. ‘In Waregem, I mostly choose a shopping agenda, like “Easy Shopping” or “Cosy Shopping”. But every store is free to decide what is best suited to its visitors. In Bruges, the “Smooth Reception” agenda is often broadcast.’

"For Nr4, the broad level of compatibility is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of Tunify."

Stacy Demunter - Store Manager Nr4 Waregem

Broad compatibility

In the newest stores, Tunify is open on a computer, with the music played via a Sonos sound system. ‘We didn’t need to replace the speakers in our older locations though,’ says Stacy. ‘In those stores, the Tunify app is on an iPod. We run the music via an audio cable or via Bluetooth to the speakers. For us, this broad level of compatibility is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of Tunify.’

To close, Stacy gives a tip to other Tunify users: ‘In Tunify Green, you just need one click to set up a music agenda for the whole week. But I think it’s also nice to shake up the programme a little. In the summer, I’ll venture into an agenda with a Spanish or Italian tint to it. And in December, I was crazy about the Christmas playlist.’

Women looking for fashionable clothing in sizes 44 to 54 now know where to go. You’ll find your nearest store at www.nr4.be.

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