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Table’O: 3 businesses under 1 roof

Last year, Mitchell and Daniela ended second in the Belgian television series ‘My Pop-up Restaurant’. This year, the couple launched no less than 3 businesses under 1 roof: a bistro, a gastronomic restaurant and a bed and breakfast. This wasn’t exactly the plan from the start, but it was a dream come true. Mitchell gives us the full story.

In fact, Mitchell and Daniela were thinking of starting small. But that idea was turned completely upside-down by one phone call from the owner of an old parsonage in Heers, Limburg. Mitchell: “The owner was renovating the building and told us he saw us as the perfect tenants for the place.”

“We visited the parsonage and felt a spark right away”, Mitchell continues. “It is a beautifully renovated building with enough space for 3 separate businesses. And it would be a waste to not put all that space to good use, right?” Bistr’O opened in March 2018, the gastronomic restaurant followed in July. And the bed and breakfast has 4 rooms available.

Whole weekends well-spent

“The fun thing about having 3 businesses is that we appeal to a very broad audience”, says Mitchell. “In the bistro everyone feels at ease right away, while the restaurant attracts a more exclusive crowd. Also, people can stay the whole weekend thanks to the bed and breakfast. If you do so, you eat a quick lunch around noon, go cycling or walking in nature, and come back from a gastronomic six-course dinner in the evening.”

That sounds great for guests, of course, but for Mitchell and Daniela it also means a lot of work. In Bistr’O, a whole team makes sure everything goes smoothly, but the couple is running the gastronomic restaurant with just the 2 of them for now. After a late night in the restaurant, an early morning awaits to put breakfast on the table for the B&B guests. “It’s hard work”, Mitchell admits. “But this opportunity came at exactly the right time in our lives. We really could not let it pass.”

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Two Tunify subscriptions

Both in the bistro and in the restaurant, Tunify is connected to Sonos speakers. The highest quality all around, you could say. But you will hear different songs in the 2 venues. Mitchell: “The music really sets the tone in the bistro. And we allow ourselves more musical freedom there. In the restaurant, the music discretely contributes to the general atmosphere.”

Tunify’s usage is also twofold at Table’O. Mitchell is a big music fan who is always expanding his playlists. These are extremely varied, from Oscar And The Wolf to the softer Metallica tracks, and from Placebo to Elvis. But for lounge songs, Mitchell leaves things up to Tunify’s algorithms: “I know too little about lounge to compile my own playlists. That is where Tunify’s mood agenda’s come in very handy.

After a trial week, I was hooked on Tunify. And if you also take into account the low subscription fees, you really get a lot of value for your money.

Mitchell Merola - Table'O - Heers
Ease of use was paramount

Mitchell chose a music provider before Table’O opened. Mitchell: “I tried out a number of players. The music on offer was pretty similar, so I based my decision mainly on ease of use. After a trial week, I was hooked on Tunify. And if you also take into account the low subscription fees, you really get a lot of value for your money.”

By now, Tunify has become a household name at Table’O. The player is all you’ll ever hear in any public space. The kitchen is the only area where you can still find a radio playing sometimes. And the whole thing isn’t costing Mitchell any precious time. Once in a while, he adds a song to a playlist or adjusts the music to match the musical taste of his clients. That’s it!

Are you anxious to find out whether Mitchell would adjust the music when you walk in? Book a table at Table’O via www.table-o.com.

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