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Top Alivio: healthy food in a healthy body

Top Alivio has been a Tunify user since 2011. Since then, a great deal has changed in the sauna centre in Horn.

Tunify-Top Alivio

And Tunify has played the role of musical chameleon at every step. Business manager Sjoerd fills us in on the past and the present of Top Alivio …

Top Alivio is just one of the few genuine family companies in the sauna sector. Sjoerd’s parents started in the 1990s with a single sauna cabin. After several years of alternately saving and growing, the business now has 5 cabins. And multiple swimming pools. Plus indoor and outdoor cooling baths, a beauty salon, a massage salon, and the list goes on …

‘We stand out in the sector,’ says Sjoerd, ‘because we haven’t taken the stark, tense, hypermodern—even clinical—approach. You could say we have embraced the greener, more organic side of things, with a lot of wood and plants. And we always keep time free for conversation. We schedule a staff member more than we expect we will actually need.’

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Tunify-Top Alivio
Sustainable, healthy food

As well as all this, Top Alivio stands out for its kitchen. There’s no fast food on the menu, just healthy (!) comfort food. There’s a preference for products and ingredients from the local region and a large vegetarian range. ‘We have meat on the menu as well,’ says Sjoerd. ‘But order satay with us and you can be sure it’s made with quality meat, not a cut-price broiler.’

The focus on wellness and a healthy kitchen has caught on. Because at Top Alivio, clients spoil their bodies on the inside and the outside. A healthy stomach in a healthy body ... Or how does the expression go again? In any case, clients find their way from across the whole of Limburg, and even from Belgium.

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Tunify-Top Alivio
From Latin to lounge

The current atmosphere and sense of experience at Top Alivio has been in place since 2016. Sjoerd: ‘It’s when we made a giant change in style. Until then, the Mexican-Spanish theme was too present, with calm Latin music. Now we opt for different sorts of relaxing music. And of course, this is a change you make effortlessly with Tunify. Nowadays, we play pop, instrumental and lounge music.’

Sjoerd mostly does this via Tunify Blue. ‘I can also switch to Tunify Orange, where you can make your own playlists. But I almost always fall for the simplicity of Tunify Blue. You’re up and running in just a few clicks. We particularly like the mood channels Barista Bar, Chill Out Zone and Grand Café.’

Sjoerd also has a tip for other Tunify users: ‘In a mood channel, you can also click on the little cog icons for the settings. You’ll often see the parameters ‘Peaceful’, ‘Social and ‘Bright’. For us, turning off ‘Bright’ is all it takes to avoid playing the charged-up tracks or loud beats that don’t really belong in our sauna centre.’

Only half of what’s possible

Sjoerd appreciates the user-friendliness of the music player: ‘I find Tunify is very easy to work with, while you still have an incredible amount of choice. Actually, we only use half of what’s possible, but it’s fine like that. It’s maybe even the biggest benefit with Tunify: you’re up and running very quickly, but if you want to do something more with it, you’re certainly able to.’

What would you think of wellness treatment in the morning, a healthy meal for lunch, topped off with a relaxing sauna session? We know exactly what you think about it! So: let’s all head to www.topalivio.nl! 😉

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