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‘Tunify adds to our sales’

Freetime home department stores are in Aarschot, Geel and Hasselt. You find trendy furniture, beautiful things for the kitchen, and cool lighting and decorations there.


Management assistant Donatella Tengattini explains why Freetime has been a Tunify devotee for so long.

Everyone is welcome in the cosy Freetime stores. Active since 1976, the retailer is a true family company. Their range consists of cool things, ready to be enjoyed by trendy people who love a little life in their homes. The DIY crowd also has their needs met at Freetime: the store in Aarschot has tools and machines for hire and sale as well.

The concept of the shopping experience has been growing in importance not only in the retail world, but in the lifestyle sector too. And especially at Freetime. ‘Everything needs to be right in our stores,’ says Donatella. ‘As well as music, we work, for example, with scents. As a visitor, you’re immediately put in the right mood.’

From Christmas hits to Christmas ornaments

The music from Tunify has been giving shoppers a warm welcome to Freetime stores for years. Every morning, the store personnel choose a music agenda that fits in with the weather or the mood of the day. ‘We don’t have any strict guidelines about it,’ says Donatella. ‘Our staff members know that hard rock or metal aren’t right for us.’

‘What is a constant across our 3 stores,’ Donatella continues, ‘is the Christmas music. During the end-of-year period, Christmas agendas always appear in Tunify Green and it’s safe to say we use them a lot. This puts us in the mood, and especially our customers. If they hear a Christmas hit, they quickly move across to a set of Christmas ornaments or decide to make a purchase.’

Keep it simple

Asked what the biggest advantage of Tunify is, Donatella immediately singles out the user-friendliness. And this is meant in 2 ways: ‘In the first place, the user-friendliness of the music player. In every store, we have a laptop that is linked to a few speakers. With one click, we play music around the entire site, because even the lunchrooms are fitted with a speaker for pure sound. We have the owner’s huge love of audio and music to thank for this.’

‘Secondly, I love the administrative user-friendliness,’ continues Donatella. ‘I manage the primary account for our 3 stores. If our subscription expires, I get a short message and extend it for another year. There’s nothing more to it than that. And in exchange, we have music available all the time, without technical problems and at a very fair price.’

‘So in a nutshell,’ says Donatella, ‘I particularly appreciate the “keep it simple” approach taken by Tunify. Our customers, the staff and I can all concentrate on other matters. In this way, Tunify works to increase our sales.’

Do you still need to discover Freetime for yourself? Or is it a while since you last visited? Load up on shopping inspiration or check the address of your nearest store at www.free-time.be!

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