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Tunify and music agendas: the standout choice

At Aerofit Healthclub, everything is finely managed, including the music. It’s where you exercise with Tunify in the background.


Aerofit Healthclub is a top-of-the-line gym that has been keeping the population of Wassenaar healthy since 1996. That’s when Linda van Paassen and her former partner started the business. Nowadays, she is the sole owner. Arnold van der Ham, her right-hand man, also performs a management function. Together, they talk about Aerofit and Tunify …

Linda took over an existing gym to start her own business 23 years ago. Judo training was the focus point at the time; there was a good 600 square metres of available room in which to practise. Today, you wouldn’t recognise the building. As Aerofit expanded and innovated, the surface area slowly doubled to 1200 square metres.

With this expansion, the range of sport and fitness activities has grown considerably too. Go to Aerofit to work on your fitness, strength and flexibility—alone or in group lessons. You’re also welcome to relax with the range of wellness options. There are saunas connected to both the male and female changerooms and it’s possible to tan in the solarium, enjoy a massage or pay a visit to the beauty salon.

Strong bond between trainers and clients

Linda has a few busy years behind her as the owner of the business now: ‘I wanted to offer more than just a fitness centre. People come to relax too. And there’s a large social component to sport and exercise. That’s why we also offer, for example, a nice bar and a lounge corner where you can enjoy a chat with a cup of coffee or a healthy smoothie.’

Aerofit stands out for the wide variety of exercise and relaxation activities it offers. But for Linda, that’s not the biggest selling point: ‘I’m very proud of my permanent team. A lot of the staff members have been here for 15 to 20 years. As a result, they have an incredibly strong bond with the clients. We have raised the bar higher than average in all the other areas too. We invest in the newest equipment and the club looks great every day.’

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More variation again

Arnold recently became responsible for Tunify. ‘Actually, all I have to do is turn on Tunify in the morning and turn it off in the evenings,’ he says. ‘We run the music player on a computer at the bar that’s connected to the speakers in our exercise space.’

‘However, I am planning to make a change to our approach,’ says Arnold. ‘We used to work with 3 big playlists: a list for the morning, the afternoon and one for the evening. We put them into a music agenda in Tunify Green. But like that, there is too little variation. I want to go back to an agenda that continuously plays different music. This is why we originally chose Tunify. Tunify’s fitness agendas will probably be a good starting point for us.’

Adjusting agendas yourself

Arnold’s tips for other Tunify users revolve around the music agendas. You can copy and change them if you—just like Aerofit—choose Tunify Orange. ‘If you would like to have a lot of variation, you can programme 2 blocks of musical genres or moods next to each other. Then agendas such as ‘Pop’ and ‘Dance’ mix in with each other. And if you want to play a set list of songs at a specific time? Just add a playlist to your agenda as a block at that specific time .’


Does a top-notch environment give you extra motivation to exercise? You have no more excuses in Wassenaar: make your way to en.aerofit.nl!

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