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Tunify at Health Lounge: put the flags out

Health Lounge is the flagship store of Apotheek Demeulenaere. Located in Geel, Health Lounge is linked to a pharmacy, but the focus is on para-pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.

Tunify-Health Lounge

Proprietor Johan Demeulenaere explains how he has used approaches—such as Tunify music—to optimise the shopping experience.

Apotheek Demeulenaere has pharmacies in Beringen, Retie and now in Geel too. The last of these is the brick-and-mortar version of the online pharmacy Health Lounge. It’s where you’ll find prescription and over-the-counter medicines, as well as dietary supplements and personal care products. This flagship store opened in May 2019.

‘The store needed to serve as an expansion to the online pharmacy,’ explains Johan. ‘And what’s missing from a webshop? The shopping experience! As it happens, the shopping experience is also an area in which traditional pharmacies usually score quite poorly. They are functional environments that you only go to with a specific goal.’

This had to be different at Health Lounge. Johan wanted to create an inviting environment in which you wouldn’t feel an obligation to buy. Johan: ‘At Health Lounge, you can just come and look around. The store looks good, you can test products and we regularly organise demonstration days.’

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Tunify-Health Lounge
At your ease

In the run-up to the opening of Health Lounge, Johan went looking for a music service for the business. ‘You often go without music in a pharmacy, but I thought it was crucial for this new concept. It’s a large store. If it’s dead silent, the atmosphere will feel cold and sterile. Thanks to the music, you feel more at ease. You feel comfortable about having a chat.’

Johan chose Tunify Green, the formula with musical agendas that fill your whole week with music in just one click. ‘Until now, I’ve most frequently used agendas designed specifically for shops and stores,’ Johan says. ‘Actually, it’s logical that this music fits in best here, because we want to offer the same bright and positive experience as, for example, a store for fashion and clothing.’

Johan wants to try more musical agendas in the long term. ‘There’s a good chance that there are other agendas in the range that would support the atmosphere we are looking for,’ he says. ‘Because all kinds of peaceful music will work well here. It just can’t be too hard or too funky.’

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Tunify-Health Lounge
User-friendly for everyone

The Tunify Green shopping agendas play from morning to night in Health Lounge. Johan doesn’t feel any great urgency to go looking for extra agendas: ‘The musical range is good; there’s sufficient variation. And it’s handy, especially in the first year we’re open, to be able to just push play and then concentrate on other business.’

‘That applies to my staff team too,’ continues Johan. ‘I barely had to give them any explanation. Everyone immediately found their way around the app. The combination of a varied range of music and high user-friendliness was the deciding factor after the 7-day test period.’

‘This demo is also my best tip for my fellow independents,’ explains Johan. ‘Try Tunify for free. You’ll immediately discover what the music player offers and which formula works best for you. Do you particularly want something that’s easy to use and saves you time? Then it will probably be Tunify Green. But if you also like to make your own playlists? Choose Tunify Orange.’

Are you headed to Geel? Make sure you drop by Health Lounge!

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