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Tunify web player

Use Tunify on your laptop or computer, even in your browser. You don’t have to install anything: you just log in and immediately start playing!

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Tunify for tablets and smartphones

Tunify apps are available for free for Android and iOS devices. There are specific versions for tablets and smartphones.

Tunify for Sonos

The best music for your business via your favourite wireless speakers! All your personal Tunify settings are immediately available via Sonos. Your own playlists? Your favourite songs? Your music agendas? They’re all ready to go on Tunify via Sonos.

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Tunify Control

If you’re a Tunify user, you control the Tunify player from wherever you are with the Tunify Control app. Pause or skip songs, add them to your favourites, or block them? It’s all possible!

Tunify Headphone

Tunify Headphone is a nice way to listen to songs with your smartphone. Would you like to hear a quick sample from a song, without the current one being interrupted? The Tunify Headphone app makes this possible.