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Tunify for Enterprise

Tunify, the fastest and easiest way to have the best music playing at all your locations.

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Tunify customer since 2012

♫ Your brand, your music

Your brand is unique, your music preferably is too. Choose for yourself what is suited to your brand or let us make the match.

♫ Endless flexibility

Tunify works on tablets, smartphones, computers and Sonos. You run the music either on site or by remote.

♫ Grows with you

Start small and grow quickly? Good plan! You choose and pay for the functions you need and nothing more than that.

The advantages of Tunify

Multiple locations

Manage your music for all locations with ease, from the online app. Do you want the same atmosphere everywhere, or do you want to adapt the music to every zone or location? You choose!

Complete control

You decide who sets the music. Would you prefer that no one on location changes what’s playing? It’s one of many possibilities.

Plug & play

Starting with Tunify is very easy. Our music service works on all popular platforms. Installation is child’s play.

Music tailored to your tastes

Our music consultants are happy to build a music experience tailored to your brand. Would you prefer to do this yourself? We make sure you have all the tools you need.

Varied and up to date

Mainstream or alternative, commercial or royalty-free: you find everything in Tunify. We provide variation and daily updates of the music database.

Local & global

Create the same recognisable atmosphere in all your locations worldwide, but do it using music that is known locally. Say which theme you choose and Tunify does the rest.

Import and share lists

Import your personal Spotify playlists and share these self-made lists and music agendas across all your locations.

Audio messages

Communicate directly with the clients in your business using informative messages or by playing your special offers.

Different roles

Administration, selecting music, planning commercial messages, and more ... Allocate specific roles to all users of Tunify In-Store.

Tunify for Enterprise

Are you looking for a professional music provider? We are happy to advise you and help you to make the right choices. Contact us for a tailored quote.

100% legal music service

Most music services are only meant for consumers. You are not allowed to play them in any public or commercial spaces. Tunify is different. We have the necessary music-industry permissions for you to play our music in your place of business.

  • You play fair with a recognised music service.
  • Artists receive the royalties due to them.
Read more about music rights

What’s great about Tunify, is that besides genre you can also program the music based on taste or mood. Now we can really work on the perception and experience.

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You really hear the difference when you adjust parameters.

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Tunify seems to be tailor made to our needs.

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That was the biggest benefit I’ve come across: I don’t even need to know all the ins and outs of Tunify to quickly start the music playing and keep working.

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Walking up and down the aisles, I’ve heard various clients singing along.

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The beauty is that Tunify creates variation on its own.

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