Frequently asked questions

Go to the my players page, and click the edit link next to a player's name.

You can then change the player password on the bottom.

Remember to click the Save button to keep any changes you make!

You can find your invoices on the invoice page.

It's also possible to send a copy of your invoice to your accountant automatically when you buy a subscription. To do so, you can save the email-address of your accountant here


Tunify is the fastest and easiest way to the best music in your business. 

Tunify is a professional music service with a streaming solution for every business owner. There are 3 Tunify products: Tunify Green, Tunify Orange and Tunify Blue. 

Discover the differences between these 3 products on this page.

Tunify is a highly intelligent music service that you can use to create the perfect music experience.

You’ll very easily find the right music on the basis of the type of your business or a specific situation. Tunify always takes your personal preferences into account. You can tweak the music to the smallest detail to fit your needs.

All the Tunify music channels are dynamic. This means you’ll get to hear a broad variety of music, without repetition of the same songs.

You can let a fully automated Tunify do the work for you, or you can be in control yourself with the user friendly and interactive interface. And of course, you can have a combination of both.

Finally, Tunify is a fully online music solution. This means you will always have immediate access to the newest music and the latest updates. All of your personal settings and your own playlists are saved online, so you can easily take your personal music experience from one device to another.

Convinced? Sign up now for a free trial on our home page.

If you really want to know if you like something, you have to try it first.

Testing Tunify is completely free: no credit card needed, no purchase obligation.
During the free trial, you will get to use Tunify Orange. This is the most complete Tunify product with all features available. 
After the free trial, you can choose one of the 3 Tunify products that suits your needs the most.  

To start with your free trial right now, click here.

At the end of the free trial, you're free to buy a subscription. We'll save all your personal settings and playlists. So if you decide to buy a subscription, you'll be able to start off again with your personal Tunify player.

There are no extra or hidden costs when you use Tunify.

When you use a music service in your business, you are legally obligated to pay music rights. We explain here how that works.

Tunify aims to offer the most valuable products and services at a right price.

A number of fundamental costs are included in the monthly subscription fee. Amongst these are the streaming cost and also the reproduction rights, which Tunify transfers directly to the management organisations for music rights.

As a spin-off of the university of Leuven, Tunify has always chosen the path of innovation for technical and business matters. This explains how we can constantly introduce innovative products and services to the market and at the same time keep our costs low. And this allows for a very competitive pricing.

One of the best things about Tunify is that everything is so easy! So there's no need to wait for a visit or to pay extra for a visit.

You can register here to start a free trial right now.

If you have a question, just contact us and we'll be glad to help you out.


Tunify subscriptions work in the same way that many other Internet services do. You pay upfront for a period of time that you want to use our service. Of course you can choose the period yourself. That's a clear and flexible way of working, for you as well as for us.

At Tunify we love flexibility and simplicity. That's why we use online subscriptions instead of contracts. 

With Tunify, you don't have to buy a subscription for a long period if you don't want to. Are you a seasonal customer or are you investing in a renovation of your business? Then the one-month subscription might suit you well. 

Even when you decide to stop using Tunify, it's easy. You don't have a notice period. Don't renew your subscription and your access to the Tunify player will simply end at the end date, no strings attached! 

All the Tunify prepaid subscriptions can be payed with:

- credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
- debit card (Maestro, KBC, Belfius, ING)
- bank transfer (be aware that a delay up to 5 working days may occur before your payment can be handled) 
- iDeal (in the Netherlands only)

It's possible to buy and manage subscriptions for multiple locations with just one Tunify account. You can do this by adding playback locations on your subscription page. For every playback location you add, you can select a different kind of Tunify subscription. 

This is might be handy for:

- entrepreneurs with more multiple businesses
- fitness centres that need a subscription for every instructor
- fashion stores with several zones
- hotels that need all kinds of music for different spaces
- pubs, eating houses etc. with multiple rooms
- ...

We've made it easy for you: it's possible to buy a subscription for all your locations at once and have it put on one invoice if necessary.

Once you have a subscription for Tunify Green or Blue, you can upgrade to a Tunify product with more features if you want to. 

You can upgrade a playback point at the my players page. The additional cost for the remaining time of your subscription will be calculated for you.

Once your payment has been completed, you can refresh the Tunify player. You will immediately have access to the extra features in your Tunify player.

You're free to stop using Tunify whenever you like. There is no notice period, so you don't have to take action yourself. Your subscription will simply end at the end date of your last subscription.

Yes. Tunify uses the services of Ogone (part of the Ingenico Payment Services, world leader in digital payment services). They make sure your payment can happen in the safest and easiest way. 


You need a device with a working internet connection to play music with Tunify. At this moment, Tunify is available on computer, laptop, iPad and iPhone (iOS 8.0 and up), Android smartphones and tablets (Android 4.1 and up) and Sonos. 

Of course! You can download the Tunify app from the App Store here.

Yes! You can download the Tunify app from the App Store here.

You'll need a version of iOS 8.0 or later.

Yes you can! You can find Tunify via Google Play

You'll need a version of Android 4.1 or higher. 

Yes you can! You can get Tunify on Google Play

You'll need a version of Android 4.1 or higher. 

Yes, you can use Tunify on Sonos. You can find more information here.

Tunify is compatible with most cash registers. It's easy to try Tunify on your own cash register. Click here to register for a free trial.

Yes you can, the Tunify interface is touch screen friendly.

An on-screen keyboard can be activated in the settings menu of the Tunify player. 

Tunify Headphone is the app you can use to pre-listen songs with the web version of Tunify. Install the Tunify Headphone app on your mobile device and activate the option in the settings of the Tunify web player. You can now pre-listen every song via the songs options in Tunify Orange.

You can find the Tunify Headphone app in Google Play and in the App Store

If you use Tunify on a Sonos system, you can stream different music to the separate zones of your Sonos system. 

A standard internet connection will do just fine. 

As an example: if you use Tunify for 12 hours, 6 days a week, then you'll use about 16,5GB of download volume. 

Playing Tunify non stop (7 days a week, 24h every day) will result in a data consumption of around 40 GB per month. 

The songs in Tunify are played using streaming technology. This means you have to be online to play music. 

An online service offers many advantages: we update our songs and music channels every day, we regularly offer you new features to play with, and we keep your settings and playlists save on our server. If your device gets broken, you can easily switch to another device, login at the Tunify app with your account and continue playing music with Tunify.

And the best part: even when a short disconnection happens, you'll most likely not notice a thing. Tunify has a built-in buffer that will protect you from silence. 

Music rights

Not all music services can be used in your business.

As a supplier of professional music services, Tunify made an agreement with the music rights organisations that permits us to deliver music legally to your business. To do so, Tunify itself pays the necessary music rights, to properly compensate authors and artists.

There are many music services available that offer online music to consumers. The existing agreements between these music services and the music rights organisations only cover a personal and non-commercial use of the service. This is also mentioned in the terms and conditions of these music services. For this reason, public places like shops, restaurants, bars or business spaces can not use these streaming services.

If you want to play music in your business, you still need your own license to play music publicly.

Commercial music

If you play commercial music via Tunify, several types of music rights apply.

Tunify pays for:
  • extending our music collection with new songs
  • hard copies of the song files on our streaming servers (the "reproduction rights")
  • music rights for authors
  • music rights for artists
As such, a good part of the subscription price goes to the music industry.

As a Tunify user you pay for:
  • your licenses for playing music in a public environment. You can obtain these at your country's music rights organization. If you are not sure which organization this is, contact us.

Direct licensed music

If you play direct licensed music via Tunify (often called: royalty-free), the following music rights have to be paid for.

Tunify pays:
  • for extending our music collection with new songs
  • Epidemic Sound for authors and artists
As such, a part of the subscription price goes to Epidemic Sound.

In most countries, you as a Tunify user do not have to pay anything. In some countries a small fee is due. Contact us to know what applies for your country.