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Tunify Orange

How does Tunify Orange work?
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Playing playlists in Tunify Orange!
Smart searches for music!
Advanced searches through categories!

In this subscription:

With Tunify Orange, you have access to dozens of music agendas, hundreds of atmosphere or mood channels and as many playlists as you want. It’s easy to make them up yourself thanks to the huge range of handy search functions.

Playlist and search functions

Make your own playlists using clever search functions

Music agendas and atmosphere channels

This subscription also contains all the functions from Tunify Green and Blue

Dicsover the features of Tunify Green and Tunify Blue

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Register now for a 7 day free trial and get access to all the features of Tunify Green, Blue and Orange.

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The advantages of Tunify

100% legal

Tunify is a recognised solution for playing music in your business.

Works on all devices

Tunify works on tablets, smartphones, computers and Sonos.

Instant music, everywhere

Being online, it’s easy to manage music at all your locations.

Flexible formulas

Tunify works with subscriptions that are not automatically renewed.