Best Of 2018 - part 1


As promised last week, we take time out to look back and reminisce on 2018. Today we added a playlist with the most streamed songs of the past 12 months to your Tunify (Orange) player. You’ll find this temporary list – called “Most Played 2018” - in the category Hit Parade in Tunify Orange.

In Flanders home-grown Regi reigns with an ode to his daughter “Ellie”.

In the Netherlands pop princess Dua Lipa and producer Calvin Harris are on top with that famous “One Kiss”.

Our francophonic ‘players’ were wooed by another remarkable collaboration this year: Maître Gims & Vianney. Their “La Même” heated up the already smoldering Southern summer nights.

Dua Lipa had a fruitful year, crossing all borders. “New Rules” was one of the biggest hits of 2017, and you just could not get enough of it in 2018. Fun fact: forty percent of your most played songs of the past year, were released the year before.

Most noticable on that list is “Despacito”, an earworm lingering in your playlist for almost two years now. Puerto Ricans Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee unleashed a Spanish Fury in the charts. Besides English, Spanish is now the most popular language in your preferred songs. Ay Papi!

One name that left an impression in all countries is Shawn Mendes. This Canadian puppy became more than just a teenage bedroom poster. His 2017 hit single “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” is still making your ears blush. This year Shawn added “Youth”, “In My Blood” and “Lost In Japan” to your favorites. Be aware, Ed Sheeran!

See you next week for more astonishing facts and tendencies!

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