Best Of 2018 - part 2


Last week we talked about the ridiculous fruitful year Dua Lipa had, all around Europe. Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran were the men who caught our attention in 2018.

Calvin Harris stirred up the dance floor with Dua and scored the most streamed song in The Netherlands during the summer. His collaboration with Sam Smith lightened up the autumn.

And there was a lot of dancing going on last year. Dance & Electro Pop were very popular with our Tunify users. Besides the intensive use of dancing shoes, the further rise of Urban music was undeniable. The arousing beats and rhymes of Reggae, Dem Bow and Hip Hop dominated the charts.

Alongside the remarkable success of songs sung in the Spanish language, this trend became responsible for your global warming. Qué calor!

We wish you even more warmth and other fuzzy feelings during this festive season!
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