Let Tunify inspire you!


Maybe, once in a while, you discover a song on Tunify that you haven’t heard before. You’re completely blown away by it. And you definitely would like to hear more songs like it. But how on earth can you play more songs like this one? Well, Tunify has a really easy solution to do just that!

You can click on the music note icon that is available for every song in Tunify. What happens next is pure inspiration: Tunify delivers a playlist of songs that fit nicely together with that one specific song. Recently, we completely rebuilt the way this feature works. Now you’ll get even better suggestions than before.

But how exactly does the magic happen? How do we suggest complementary music for every song?

Tunify knows all the songs through and through. For instance, we know the mood of every song and we know what instruments are used. But we also know how popular a song is in your region and how easy people start to dance when they hear the song. With the help of these and many more song characteristics, we build a list of songs that complement the song that you requested inspiration for.

You can also click on all the available song information in Tunify, for instance the year of a song. As a result, you’ll get a list of songs that where released in the same year and go together well with that one song. When you click on the mood of a song, you'll get similar songs, but all with the same mood.

You should give it a try it, it’s a real convenient way to get a playlist of complementary songs!

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