Makeup and smokey eyes galore! #NMF


Some of the artists delivering new work at the Tunify headquarters today, seem to have a soft spot for carbon black mascara and smokey eyes. People who like to imitate their idols can have a blast of colours and creativity in front of the mirror this weekend.

We start off with the new album from Gothic Germans Rammstein. Real men are not afraid of a bit of makeup and we are not (really) afraid of these Germans and their demanding language. So turn up the volume and enjoy the latest from the rough trade that became an international hit in 1997 when director David Lynch used their music in ‘Lost Highway’. Decades later, Till and his comrades have lost none of their Sturmkraft.

Twenty-seven years after their massive hit “Stay” and a very heavy bitch fight ever since, the ladies from Shakespears Sister (misspelling intended, since misspelling is apparently fun) buried the hatched. The early nineties, Siobhan Fahey, ex-member from Bananarama, and American enigmatic background singer Marcella Detroit were big in the British alternative scene. If people were eagerly waiting for their return is still uncertain, but a fresh layer of makeup and the new single “All The Queen’s Horses” will probably hurt nobody.

Adam Lambert is no stranger to the cosmetic case. Runner up to Kris Allen in 2009’s American Idol, Adam had more charisma and maquillage. Nobody has heard of Kris ever since, but Adam scored big in the US with three albums in the Billboard top 3. On the other side of the ocean, Queen fans may know him as the ‘stand-in’ for the irreplaceable Freddie Mercury next to good old Brian May and Roger Taylor. Today Adam Lambert is living on his own with new song “New Eyes”. We’ll bet these new eyes are smokey and sultry ones.

Blank canvas Lewis Capaldi releases his debut album today. “Someone You Loved” is one of the most streamed songs this year and new song “Hold Me While you Wait” is taking the UK charts by storm as we speak.

Across the canal lives a colourful woman named Thea Gilmore. This remarkable persona already charmed the critics and the public with her live performances in her home country. Today she hopes to enchant you with her new album in Tunify.

Other artists making an effort to lighten up your weekend with catchy new music are Maluma, The National, The Heavy, Amel Bent, Ronnie Flex, Halsey, OneRepublic, Carly Rae Jepsen, Brad Mehldau and Madonna once again with a twentysomething as a concealer, Quavo.

Which song or artist will be your flavour of the week? Check out the new releases in your Tunify Player.

Image: Adam Lambert - Piotr Zajac /

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