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Barista Bar

Does the coffee that you serve have just that little bit more flavour? Do you like quality and authenticity? And do you always make sure your customers notice how your products are prepared with passion? Then probably a lot of your own character reflects in your business. What if you could make this whole concept even more vibrant with the right music?

In the new music category “Barista Bar” in Tunify Blue you’ll find nothing less than quality music: vintage but also new, pure but with some rough edges. Real music, for bearded men and women with taste. Great taste.

What can you expect from Barista Bar exactly? Our music specialists have made a selection of the finest jazz flavors, delicate blues textures and the warm atmosphere of pure soul music. Some funk influences deliver the extra “zing". Of course, you can also fine-tune the Barista Bar music channels so that they perfectly fit in with your business.

Quality Food

With “Quality Food” we focus on businesses that want to emphasise on quality, but at the same time do not want to lose their originality. If classical music and pure jazz are too classic or too serious for your business, then the new music channels from “Quality Food” might be exactly what you are looking for.

In “Quality Food” the music remains playful, but at the same time the songs are selected to immediately create the right atmosphere: nice and smooth, but not too commercial. The music is recognisable and inviting, but not overwhelming. The songs will definitely not attract attention to itself. The attention remains focussed on the quality of your products and on your guests.

The music channels of “Quality Food” contain among other warm soul and jazz tunes, but equally pop and R & B music. It’s a nice mix of familiar and less familiar sounds, old and new. Here also, you can decide how popular and new the music has to be. As you expect from Tunify, with only need a few clicks all music channels of “Quality Food” can be aligned perfectly to your own taste.

Do you also own a business, but it’s no coffeehouse or restaurant? Don’t worry, these new music channels can definitely also be used in other concepts. Are you curious already? Try it and you will find out. You can find the new music channels as from today in Tunify Blue. Don’t see them yet? Restart Tunify, and they will become available in your player immediately.


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