New songs blown in from all directions #NMF


This weekend westerly winds may destroy your hairdo, but new music will come to the rescue from all directions.

From the West, more specifically England, the fifth album from hunky Jack Savoretti blows in. Jack has Italian, German and Polish ancestors and was raised in fairly neutral Switzerland. “Singing To Strangers” was recorded in the studio of Ennio Morricone, famous for his spaghetti western music. Can you hear the echoes of “Once Upon A Time In The West” blowin’ in the wind?

Speaking of beautiful people from the British Isles, Sophie Ellis-Bextor brings you orchestral reworkings of all her singles. A brilliant idea or just a bit of hot air? Decide for yourself with your Tunify player.

From the East, a wise, grey-haired man named Roland Kaiser steps in. At the dawn of the eighties he scored big in the Benelux and German-speaking countries with the seasonal “Santa Maria”. In 2019, he still knows how to belt out a good tune.

The lovely Parisienne Keren Ann releases her eighth album today. She was born in Israël, spent her youth in The Netherlands and sings mainly in French. You may never have heard of the lady before, but you surely will recognise her esoteric music for television series (f.e. Grey’s Anatomy and Six Feet Under) and commercials.

Other noteworthy new songs that can bring a wind of change in your musical preferences are Tom Russell, Finn Andrews, Steve Earle & The Dukes, YungFelix, Nesli, Hardwell, KH (aka Four Tet), Todiefor & Roméo Elvis, Joanne Shaw Taylor, The Drums and Yael Naïm.

So get fresh at the weekend with Tunify!

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