The past and future, today in Tunify #NMF


Nothing like the present to understand the past and future. All come together magically in your beloved Tunify player.

Jonathan Vandenbroeck is better known as Milow. The Flemish singer has been a busy bee lately. You can catch him weekly on TV in ‘Liefde voor Muziek’, the Flemish version of ‘De Beste Zangers Van Nederland’, in which singers cover each other’s songs and applaud one another for doing so. At the same time, you can enjoy Jonathan/Milow on the German channel VOX in ‘Sing Meinen Song’, the German version of, yep, ‘De Beste Zangers Van Nederland’. Today Milow releases an album of songs from Milow himself, entitled “Lean Into Me”. And every Flemish, Dutch and German female will eventually do so.

Ten years ago Milow went to number one in the Swedish charts with the 50 Cent cover “Ayo Technology”. It became his only hit in Sweden. At that time the native Jonna Lee released her second album. Soon after, she changed her name into one single word, Ionnalee. You can see what she did there, can’t you? Today she offers her second album under thàt name, called “Remember The Future”. Jonna/Ionna got by with a little help from her Norwegian friends Röyksopp. You can expect electronic pop with a whiff of the past and a hint at the future. What’s that all about, you might wonder? Well, be our guest and go on a discovery tour in your Tunify player.

Sarah Connor was the name of a fictional character from the “Terminator” movies and TV- spin-off. Sarah Connor is also the name of a German singer. She scored big hits across the borders in the first decade of this millennium, with songs in the English language such as “From Sarah With Love”. Today she proudly sings in her mother tongue and brings you a new album with the cheeky title “Kraftwerk”.

A bright future lies ahead of Dutch songstress Pip Blom. In her home country, she occasionally washes dishes for money, in the UK she has been touring with the likes of Franz Ferdinand and The Breeders. Her debut album is about to see the daylight this weekend and hopefully, she can throw out the dish soap soon.

A bunch of other artists have been quite busy too, in order to serve you refreshing sounds for the upcoming summertime. Just sit back and listen to what Denzel Curry, Woodie Smalls, Yungblud, Weiss, Compact Disk Dummies, Tove Lo, Miley Cyrus, Tiësto & Rita Ora, Skepta, Arcadian, Joost, Max Jury, PJ Harvey, Craig David, Broken Back & Henri PFR have to tell you.

The music of the future starts today, in your Tunify player anyway!

Image: Milow - Shutterstock

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