Tunify Headphone for iOS


Do you want a quick preview of a song, without interrupting the playback of your current playlist? The Tunify Headphone app now makes this possible. And it’s now also available for iOS!

Tunify offers you an innovative way to preview songs on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. You’ll find the the Tunify Headphone app free of charge in the App Store.

How to use the Tunify Headphone app?

1. Install the Tunify Headphone app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

2. Go to Settings in the Tunify player and select the option “Prelistening”.

3. Login to the Tunify Headphone app with the username and password of your Tunify player. This will automatically connect the Tunify Headphone app to your Tunify player.

4. Click the headphone icon next to a song in the Tunify player and listen to the preview on the Tunify Headphone app.

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