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There are few shopping environments where the ability to put someone at ease is as important as in a lingerie shop. Carefully chosen lighting, pleasant materials and a friendly shopkeeper are all elements that contribute to the agreeable mood in the shop. But music also is a powerful tool to bring the customer in the right shopping mood.

Tunify Blue offers the music channel “Lingerie" in the "Fashion Store" category. The music in that channel aims to bring an agreeable and inviting mood to the shop, let visitors take their time to browse through the products and make them feel comfortable enough to make use of the fitting rooms.

The music channel is created with the use of the song characteristics. One of the most important parameters for this channel is the voice. In this music channel, we mainly use songs with a “sensual singing voice”. The voice has a powerful impact on our perception of a song and in this case a sensual voice fits the product and the general mood of the shop pretty well.

The music channel can be personalised by mood, from peaceful to social or bright. These are all agreeable musical moods. It’s important for customers to feel at ease in a lingerie shop. We can strengthen this feeling by playing easy going music. A musical mood with a more dynamic or even aggressive character (e.g. with a higher tempo) would have a negative effect, because it could scare the visitor away.

It’s also possible to add or remove certain genres. This is important because the music has to fit the image of the shop or brand. For example: a shop with a younger or more dynamic image can choose to exclude sensual jazz music if this kind of music does not fit it's target audience.

To conclude, we need to say something about the popularity of the music in this channel. Not all music will sound familiar to your ears. There’s no need to, because the mood and the voice are the most important elements in this context. Moreover, people tend to underrate the time they spent in a shop when they are listening to music they are not familiar with. This effect will help people take their time to try on some pieces in the fitting room.

Of course, a lingerie shop is a very specific example. But also in many other situations, it is important to be able to put your customer at ease with music. Think about a gas station around 3 o’clock in the morning or a abandoned parking lot. In these situations also, the customer will have a better experience with the right music.

In Tunify you’ll find the right music for every situation. Are you curious about the “Lingerie” music channel? Then register now for a free trial on this page.
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