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Maybe you'll recognize this situation.

It’s the busiest day of the week and your business is packed with people. All is going well, until suddenly your computer crashes badly and the music in your business disappears. A problem? Not at all, at least when you use Tunify. Just pop your smartphone out of your pocket, open the Tunify app and log in with your Tunify credentials. Within seconds, you’ve saved the party and you’re the hero of the day!

New technologies make a lot of things possible. But technology becomes really valuable when it solves some of our daily life problems. And this is exactly what we aim to do with Tunify: help you play the right music in any possible situation, even (especially) during stressful moments like this.

Don’t get us wrong: Tunify on your smartphone is not just a backup solution. Just like the tablet version, the Tunify smartphone app is a fully fledged application. You’ll find the 3 Tunify products in the app: Tunify Green, Tunify Blue and Tunify Orange. This means that if you want to enjoy the power of Tunify, you won’t need a heavy investment. Just use a device that is already there, like your phone.

You can now download the Tunify apps for Android and iOS. Test them today and let us know how you feel about them!

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