At BurgGolf, you get access to 6 golf courses, spread over the whole country. Afterwards, you cool down with a drink and a bite in one of the BurgGolf restaurants. Martijn Pook, general manager of the course in Wijchen, is happy to give a virtual tour.

BurgGolf offers the biggest network of golf courses in the Netherlands. A membership allows you to play from Eindhoven to Heerenveen, unlocking no less than 165 holes. Apart from the membership, you are also welcome to book a single session, take golf lessons or enjoy a full course dinner. Every location has its own restaurant. That is, by the way, where you will also find Tunify.

Martijn: “BurgGolf Wijchen is home to a couple of PGA professionals. We have an 18-hole parkland course, a PAR 3 course for beginners, 3 meeting rooms and an excellent restaurant, Magnolia’s.”

Musical hole-in-one 

“A few years ago, our approach to music lacked uniformity”, Martijn recalls. “Some courses used a music computer while others played CD’s or had already switched to streaming. Needless to say, this wasn’t very efficient.”

“We started to look for just one supplier with a large and diverse catalogue, because we play different kinds of songs in all of our restaurants. Every location is unique. Back then, all the managers agreed on choosing Tunify, and I haven’t heard any complaints ever since.”

Gentlemen’s evenings 

Martijn is undoubtedly a music fanatic. And what do music fanatics love doing? You’re right, they all enjoy creating their own playlists! Martijn: “Right away, I started to compile playlists for different times of the day. For example, I made a morning, a lunch and an evening playlist. Apparently, Tunify’s music agendas work in a similar fashion, but I applied that idea to my own playlists.”

“Next, we have our event-specific playlists. On Monday night, for example, we host the Gentlemen’s Evening in Wijchen. The concept is very simple: you come over after work, play 9 holes of golf and sit down to eat some tasty food. Our playlist for those nights contains a lot of rock and Dutch music.”

Tunify on any device 

“For us, one of Tunify’s biggest assets is its ease of use. The application’s compatibility is the best example”, Martijn explains. “We switch seamlessly between desktops, tablets and smartphones, regardless of their operating systems.”

“When we first subscribed to Tunify, I downloaded the app on my phone to tinker with my first playlist in the evening. Granted, you probably need to be pretty fond of music to do that, but it is something I can recommend nevertheless.”

“During the day, there are already so many things to think about. At night, on the couch, it relaxed me to toy around with Tunify. And to discover new songs thanks to the app’s suggestions and collections. Payback followed the day after already, when I could enjoy good music at work.”

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture


Martijn is not the only one who loves music at the golf course in Wijchen: “I created my first playlist in no-time. But there are 3 of us here who happily grow such lists. By now, our playlists have become a lot longer and more diverse.”

“Occasionally, guests also request certain songs. The most popular one? That has got to be ‘Happy birthday’. So yes, obviously you are also very welcome to pay us a visit on your birthday.” (laughs)

Whether it is almost your birthday or not: feel like playing a round of golf in Wijchen or any other BurgGolf course? Find out all about the locations and rates on www.burggolf.nl (in Dutch).



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