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A worry-free day with royalty-free music

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Thermen Dilbeek is a household name for everyone in Belgium who enjoys a day of wellness. The company began as a small sauna in the 1990s, growing into a major success story with multiple locations. Technical manager Jean-Pierre Jacobs has been there since the beginning. In Tunify, he found the ideal partner for playing royalty-free music in the thermal baths.

Today, Thermen Dilbeek is also a beauty salon, gym, hotel and restaurant. But the sauna complex is still the centre of this world. You can try out any of 7 different saunas. Inside, you have bio, panorama and infrared saunas. The outdoor facilities include a sauna with an open-hearth fire, a wet sauna and 2 more saunas with salt therapy.

According to Jean-Pierre, this extensive range is the reason for the success of the business: ‘You need to keep innovating. And wanting to offer more than the competition, in terms of both range and service. Nowadays, we have very diverse clients. Some come just to exercise, while others come here primarily to relax.’

‘There is also a great difference between the summer and the winter,’ continues Jean-Pierre. ‘In the winter, for most visitors, it’s all about the saunas and the swimming pools. In the summer, people come to sunbathe, read and enjoy a glass of wine.’

More variation and more control

For years, you may have heard royalty-free music from Tunify being played at reception, in the changing rooms, the restaurant, you name it ... The entire sound system is connected to Tunify, making it possible for Thermen Dilbeek to set the atmosphere in every area, from 11 in the morning to midnight.

A number of years ago, Jean-Pierre went looking for a new music service: ‘The music player we used to have seemed too limited. It had less music and you couldn’t even adjust it. After a while, we knew the order of the available songs by heart.’

Jean-Pierre gave Tunify a try and found exactly what he was looking for: more variation and more control. Jean-Pierre: ‘My colleagues were immediately satisfied with the new approach to music. It is far better suited to the feel of the business.’

"My colleagues were immediately satisfied with the new approach to music. It is far better suited to the feel of the business."

Jean-Pierre Jacobs - Technical Manager - Thermen Dilbeek

Perfect musical atmosphere

Nowadays, Jean-Pierre barely touches the Tunify player: ‘I’ve had it on the “Chill Out Zone” atmosphere in Tunify Blue for quite a while now. I’ve selected the blocks ‘Relax Instrumental’, ‘Cosy Piano’ and ‘Easy Jazz’ from there. The tracks from these blocks swap with one another. It creates wonderful variation with the same atmosphere.’

‘Tunify offers the perfect musical atmosphere for every business,’ says Jean-Pierre. ‘We no longer deviate from ours. Most of my colleagues don’t even have access to Tunify. This way we can be sure that the music in our baths is always relaxing and stays consistent.’

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